In the library (5)


watching an old VHS-Tape in the process of its digitization: “trip to the fair and to waterfalls”,

with S Nagamanickam (daughter of G.D. Naidu), the librarian Tangesh Pandy,

Coimbatore, 2012

Crossing the sea

These are photographs of a journey across the Pacific ocean in the late 1930s. Somewhere in the middle of the Indian ocean G.D.Naidu was trapped on a sinking ship. Literally and realistically sinking to ground. That is the story, as per word written down in a biography by Nikil Perumal. The photographs instead were taken from aboard an oil tanker, which happened to become the saviour for most passengers, who swam in the water for some hours.

How did the camera survive? And how did the roll inside the black box made it to remain intact? Because in the beginning of that journey, some months earlier, Nehru happened to spent health time in Badenweiler located in down South Germany. Maybe the portraits appear as mystic, almost paint alike because of this journey.

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