No.1 Being a student I

S. Muthian (student at Annamalai University) to G.D. Naidu


Respected Sir,
I introduce myself as an Engineering student of Annamalai University, and if I can add any more to this introduction I can say that I am one of the most unfortunate men on this earth, who have not yet seen you so far and in particular your valuable inventions in your workshop.

I will become an Engineer, but I am really ashamed to say that I do not know any practical things in which even an ordinary mechanic will be a master. Now only I have to realise that University education gives nothing to the brain. During this summer I want to go to such a place where I can work freely and gain some knowledge. And I do not want to go to any other place except your workshop because I do not want to waste my time by going to some other places.
I am putting my case before you, and I request you to take me for the practical training so that you can guide me in getting some knowledge,

G.D. Naidu to S. Muthian (student at Annamalai University)


Dear friend,
Till recently I had a workshop for training such interested students in different sections such as mechanical, electrical, automobile and radio. But the unfortunate circumstances made me to leave them or close them at a stroke.

But the workshop can give an idea to the interested students as to how to learn engineering in machines and how to learn engineering from the practical movements in the world and how to swim in the ocean of life time. The time spent here may or may not be
considered as a period of a term by the Universities. But if you be here for some time it will lead you at least to a certain extent to a proper floating ship for the future. Of course, this will apply only to interested students with a balanced mind, health and knowledge.

you better have a discussion with me and then decide.

D. Subbiah Pillai (father of student S. Muthian) to G.D. Naidu


My dear Sir,
I take the liberty of addressing you this letter, on account of my son, S. Muthian, who is undergoing practical training in your famous Polytechnic,May Heaven bless you with long life and prosperity for your having accorded sanction for my boy’s admission. I have read in the dailies as well as in the weeklies, your several speeches.
Your sacrifices and service for the Industrial Development of South India are of immense importance. But the higher authorities have not realised the extraordinary value of the same. My boy S. Muthian had not come to my village since he joined the college for his 3rd year B.E. Course. His college is to reopen on 1st July `48, and he has got very few days before him to join the college. His mother, brothers and sisters have a craving to see the boy. I humbly request you to send S. Muthian home as early as possible, to stay and spend the few remaining days with his family.

G.D. Naidu to D. Subbiah Pillai (father of student S. Muthian)


My dear friend,
Of course, in the letter you are very kind to me but I have to say that you are not very kind to your son, Mr Muthian. He is one of the best and keenest students for learning.

In fact parents are the worst enemies of children in our country. When you are able to wait for one year or more to see your son, why can’t you wait for on more year. Ordinarily parents should ask their children not to waste in their vacation one minute for seeing friends, sitting idle and talking good or bad, not connected with their future plans.

I am not going to send your son before the opening of the College.
My suggestion to you is that you should not use him as a doll in the hands of a child, by his staying with you for a few days. When he is earning something for his future plan you should not be the cause to
spoil his efforts. If I write anything more it will be more wounding to you. Hence I stop here.

D. Subbiah Pillai (father of student S. Muthian) to G.D. Naidu


My dear friend,
When you are so much interested in my boy’s S.Muthian’s affair and progress, I do not want to stay in the way. You are at liberty to detain him to your complete satisfaction. May God in is mercy shower his blessing upon you, for you deserve them all for your philanthropic spirit and your inestimable sacrifices.

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