pavilion surprise

Walking into this special Pavilion, one saw a huge pile of machinery, the best “friends” of Mr. Naidu! PAVILLAGE FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Why, it is even said, that Mr Naidu himself is more “a machine” than “Man”, but that is what his enemies say!Here in this Pavilion one saw a few varieties of aero engines – Rolls-Royce, Pratt and Whitney – and many other types. RICH MAN, RICH CARS, RICH PETROL Then, there were the various types of what they call the “Do All” machines, marvelous pieces of machinery produced by Germany and the U.S., all of which Naidu took pains to buy at the cost of lakhs of rupees for his various factories in Coimbatore, with a child’s enthusiasm, during his numerous visits to those countries. COLLECTION OF INDUSTRIES
Why would one collect all those machine just to talk about it? I don’t feel like I can read something so weird immedaitely.
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