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  • No.1 Being a student I

    No.1 Being a student I

    S. Muthian (student at Annamalai University) to G.D. Naidu25.03.1948 LETTER Respected Sir,I introduce myself as an Engineering student of Annamalai University, and if I can add any more to this introduction I can say that I am one of the most unfortunate men on this earth, who have not yet seen you so far and…

  • No. 2 Machine Man

    No. 2 Machine Man

    Address by Prof. Humayun Kabir at Radio Theatre “Gopal Bagh”, Coimbatore9.9.1948 SPEECH Well, what is the education, outside, to draw your attention?Generally in India there is a very great lack of discipline. You must have discipline. Unless you have discipline, you can not do anything at all. Why is it that a machine works so…

  • Being a student I A collection of letters from the book “My compelled Drum Series”, eds. GD Naidu, Coimbatore 1948, UMS Press.