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  • No.1 Being a student I

    No.1 Being a student I

    S. Muthian (student at Annamalai University) to G.D. Naidu25.03.1948 LETTER Respected Sir,I introduce myself as an Engineering student of Annamalai University, and if I can add any more to this introduction I can say that I am one of the most unfortunate men on this earth, who have not yet seen you so far and…

  • pavilion surprise

    pavilion surprise

    Walking into this special Pavilion, one saw a huge pile of machinery, the best “friends” of Mr. Naidu! PAVILLAGE FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Why, it is even said, that Mr Naidu himself is more “a machine” than “Man”, but that is what his enemies say!Here in this Pavilion one saw a few varieties of aero engines…

  • writing about objects

    writing about objects

    I am in receipt of your letter which was written with a real feeling. Till recently I had a workshop for training such interested students in different sections. But the unfortunate circumstances made me to leave them or close them at a stroke. Still I have a workshop but not in a very big building…